GDLITE GD Lite 1000A Solar Kit With Bluetooth,MP3 & FM

  • Fantastic technology, Extremely practical
  • Has Bluetooth and FM Radio
  • MP3 Player (USB and Micro SD formats)
  • Uses a Solar Panel
  • Extremely portable and great for emergencies!
  • Charges Cellphones and tablets!
  • Charged by 240/110 volts or by sunlight
  • Bulbs are plastic so they can’t break
  • LED bulbs last longer on a single charge
  • Rugged and sturdy build
  • Easy to install, easy to carry

KSh 4,000 KSh 5,700

This is your affordable solar kit for Lighting and Powering USB devices, with 4 bulbs (3 bulbs for lighting and a multicolored disco bulb), FM Radio, Mp3 player (MicroSd card or USB stick), BLUETOOTH LED lamp “U” very strong, Flashlight, cable USB for charging devices. Order online now on sonell mart and have it delivered to your doorstep.

The solar charging set includes a 6V 4Ah battery, with charging from the Solar Panel or from 220V.

The solar charging system for power and lighting is the ideal solution for situations where you do not have electricity.Whether you are in a remote area, camping or during a power outage, the solar kit offers you all the facilities you need: portable lighting, through the 3 SMD LED bulbs, with the help of a flashlight or of fully equipped lamp and charging mobile phones and other devices from the 6V 4Ah battery included in the system.Bulbs can be used, for example, when you are camping and do not have electricity.The bulbs are powered directly from the system battery and can be used as night lights.Thanks to the special hanging system, they can be easily hung from any support both at home or when you are camping.

The battery base can be charged both through the solar panel and at 220V socket, to be always free from electricity.The system is equipped with: 9V input for the solar power supply, 110-220V power supply input, 4 6V inputs for powering the bulbs, with USB input – for other portable electrical products (mobile phones, tablets, fans with USB plug, etc.).The power supply of the mobile electrical devices can also be done through the included cable with 10 different plugs.


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