Dumbells 20kg Pair Fixed Gym Weight (Hexagon Shaped) Rubber

  • High Quality Design: Weights stay tight and do not detach, rubber coating will not damage floor or other surfaces
  • Materials: Solid cast iron, chrome plated handle & rubber coated weights
  • Versatile: Designed for use with curls, lifts, squats, press, and more
  • Safe: Flat hexagonal surfaces will prevent rolling and knurled handle prevents slipping
  • Durable: No maintenance required, long lasting finish prevents rust

KSh 11,000 KSh 15,000

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells are named after their unique shape. Thanks to their many facets, the dumbbells will not roll around once placed on the floor. This is a great advantage if you are switching between weights or exercises and are constantly picking them up and putting them down. They are also excellent for floor based circuits, such as dumbbell push-ups because of their added stability.


The Hex Dumbbell usually comes cheaper than a standard rubber or urethane dumbbell which makes it a great budget option. Next to this, the facets make them easy to store if you happen to be missing a rack.These safe, attractive dumbbells have contoured, knurled chrome handles and durable rubber-covered heads for increased safety and comfort. The heads are permanently affixed to a thick 35 mm solid steel shaft improving the strength of the head / handle joint. The knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the users’ palm. Smaller handles graduate up from 25 mm grip to 35 mm grip for increments 20 lbs through 125 lbs. The rubber coating increases durability, protects flooring and equipment, enhances appearance, diminishes noise and is easy to clean

20161213194840_66523.jpegm (2).jpg20161213194840_80267.jpeg20161213194840_30987.jpeg Features:
1. With a comfortable PVC texture grip, it can prevent slippage during exercise, thus ensuring safety.
2. Very suitable for physical exercise. Help to tone and shape the body, shoulders, back, and also strengthen muscles.
3. Dumbbell training helps to increase the metabolic rate. Indirectly, you may burn more fat in the body.
4. Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable, and long service life.

★ Product description:
Product name: dumbbell

★ Note:
1. Dumbbells are heavier, so please use scientific and reasonable fitness methods or movements, and beginners should exercise under the guidance of fitness coaches
2. During periods when the dumbbell is not in use, we recommend that it be placed in a safe place, such as on the floor of a fitness room, on a dedicated shelf, or in a box to prevent it from falling due to children playing or bumping

1. Due to the use of different shooting tools, slight color errors may occur. This is not a quality issue. Please refer to the actual product

2. Because it is manual measurement, there will be an error of 0.5-1cm. Please refer to the actual product, please understand

3. Our products only include the product itself, not including anything else


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